Anderson Instrument Rentals Insurance Program for Music Stores and Schools

We Now Offer

Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC offers a low cost, low overhead, easy to manage competitive solution offering Music Dealers and Schools with a compelling insurance program for instruments rented to others.

What’s Needed To Get Things Rolling?
  • Your contact information, along with a spreadsheet or document indicating the itemized values of each instrument (including its serial number or other identifying number).
  • The annual premium is due in full at policy issue unless we have agreed to an installment billing option (typically 50% down and two installments in 45 and 90 days). There is no interest charged on this balance and no billing fees with timely payments.
  • We require that you insure a minimum of 80% of the values at all times as presented in your quarterly spreadsheet or document submitted and on file with us.
Policy Highlights

Our program rates, guidelines and deductibles are as simple as 1, 2, 3 or more to the point: 3, 3, 3!

  • “All Risk” Agreed Value Worldwide Coverage for musical instruments rented to students residing in the United States.
  • Blanket Coverage!  This provides an easy way to insure your rental instruments. Just tell us the maximum insurance limit for any one instrument along with the maximum policy limit for all rented instruments.
  • 3% Premium Rate of the total insurance value for instruments rented to others.
  • The Annual Minimum Premium is $150.00/year.
  • The Policy Fee is 3% of the policy premium. 
  • Minimum Annual Policy Fee is $35.00/year.
  • 3% Claim Deductible.
  • Flood, ground water and rising water is excluded.
  • Wind Exclusion may apply based on the proximity of your location on the Eastern Seaboard or Gulf States.
  • Earthquake coverage is excluded.