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We offer several Harp Insurance programs. Each program is offered as part of an official partnership with several of the top Harpist societies. If you do not belong to one of these organizations we encourage you to join for the benefits of society membership (required to gain access to our competitively priced harp insurance programs). Typically, if you are in the US, the American Harp Society (AHS) is your best choice, World Harp Congress (WHC) if outside the US, and International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen (ISFHC) if you are a folk harper or craftsmen. Those from "Down Under" will find an additional option by joining the Harp Centre of Australia.

On the continent of Australia and Zealandia, Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC is the endorsed insurance provider for members in good standing of the Harp Centre of Australia and the Harp Society of New Zealand.

If you are already a member of one of these societies, or will be joining one concurrent with your insurance application, please click the appropriate program link below to get more information and to request a quote.

AHS Insurance Program
WHC Insurance Program
ISFHC Insurance Program
Harp Centre of Australia Program
Harp Society of New Zealand Program
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The musical instrument insurance team at Anderson Group are experts when it comes to insuring valuable instruments like yours. Specializing in musical instrument coverage we can recommend the right coverage for your specific needs. Located in Sebring, Florida, USA, Anderson Group has offered Worldwide Musical Instrument Insurance since 1990. We insure a number of major symphony orchestras throughout the United States along with a program for professional freelance musicians throughout the world.

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