Benita Watts

2 weeks after buying my son a new violin he had an accident with it and it was not considered viable to repair it. The prompt service of the Anderson staff along with the fast service and support of the adjuster was outstanding. Within a week I had a replacement instrument. For peace of mind this has to be one of the best insurance policies you can find and I have no hesitation in recommending Anderson. I cannot thank them enough!


I made my first claim with Anderson Group this year when my Kolstein Busetto travel bass was destroyed on a flight in the busiest time of my summer touring schedule. Anderson was extremely helpful and provided me with a rental instrument immediately. They were also very quick at processing my claim so that I was able to replace my instrument in a short amount of time. As a musician who travels frequently I give Anderson Group my highest recommendation for instrument insurance. It feels good to know that I’m really covered! Thanks Anderson! Garth Double bassist and composer


Hi Anderson Team- I just received the gift cards that I won in your feedback drawing! Thank you so very much. I was shocked when I opened the email that said I was a winner, especially since I didn’t even know there was a drawing! I’m thankful that I won, but more specifically since it was for feedback on your company. Each time I have spoken to Barbara or Rebecca, it’s more like speaking to dear friends than doing “business.” When I was initially looking to insure my guitars, I researched a few companies and called several. As soon as I spoke to these wonderful ladies, I new I could stop searching. To be rewarded for providing positive feedback for people and a company that does things the right way, doesn’t seem fair. I should be the one sending you gift cards!! Thanks again for the gift cards and for doing what you do. Best regards, Corey

Bill & Sharone Stevenson

Good afternoon Ms. Brake, Just a short note to say a big thanks for helping Sharone and myself obtain insurance for Sharone’s new Salvi Arion harp today. In our fast paced world of today, it is quite unusual to find any company or an employee who can provide the service / quality standards that seems for the most part, to be found only in the distant past. You met and easily exceeded our expectations today and that meant a lost less stress for us and we appreciate it. Please forward this email on to your supervisor or manager. I want them to know they have an employee who is interfacing with customers the way I am sure they would want. Thanks again and best regards, Bill & Sharone Stevenson

I’ve been happy doing business with Anderson Group. They are always pleasant and answer all my questions. 5 star rating from me.

I fortunately have not needed to fill out a claim. But I have been very happy with customer service when I’ve had a question or two about transporting instruments, and increasing coverage and just keeping my coverage current. Plus after checking around, I know I am getting the best possible rate for the best possible coverage! Anderson Group is GREAT!

If everything in life was as easy as accomplishing this, what a wonderful world it would be! I am a newbie harpist and haven’t a clue how to do things like acquire musical instrument insurance, but your company just made it happen…all without asking me a bunch of questions I didn’t know the answers to and in record time. I found a harp I wanted on Monday that I was going to go see (and likely pick up) on Friday and by Thursday you had the insurance in place so that should I travel home with the harp, it was insured. I’m so glad I found you and I plan to be a loyal customer for the many decades I will own my harp.

So far I have not needed to use my insurance (and hope I never will) but I have always felt that if I needed anything, Anderson group would be there for me! My one suggestion would be for them to pressure more on the renewing. I think my coverage might have expired but I’m not sure I even got an email about it….

I am signed up for the harp insurance. I am not a professional harp player, just playing the harp in my living room for my own enjoyment. I am not taking out the harp at all. So, I think that for non-professionals there should be a discount available.

My compliments on easy access to insure my harp. Most was done on line with easy online processing.Thanks

The good news is that I have not had to make a claim to find out how good your insurance and claims service are! However, I have had very pleasant experiences with all folks whom I have dealt with by phone or email. I think your premiums are very reasonable, although the bass coverage premium did go up considerably this year.

I am new to Anderson Group, 2 years, after several years with insurance companies through group associations. I either terminated those policies for a lack of customer service, or because I left the group. I was very happy to find Anderson, where I could get insured as an individual without a huge premium. I am impressed with the customer relationship through emails that keep us up to date on common instrument mishaps and the scholarship programs. I am not a harpist, but feel well served with Anderson. I will recommend you to anyone I find needing insurance.

Thank you for providing affordable insurance for our harp! It is reassuring to know that we have this coverage.

I have no complaints!

I appreciate very much how convenient renewing my policy is via your emails and the web payment process. Yur cover letter is very clear and explicit in describing what I need to do and what my renewal method options are. Also, when I needed to delete a sold instrument and then add a new instrument, I received immediate responses to my emails, and the process was quick and painless.

Your insurance was easy to obtain, sign up process was smooth

Good service and reasonable rates

Although I (thankfully!) have never had to deal with an insurance claim with either of my basses, the people at Anderson have always been extremely pleasant and super helpful. I love working with them and I feel very safe putting my instruments’ insurance in their care!

I have been using Anderson Group for a few years now and their service has been outstanding. They have been courteous and prompt to all my service needs. I would like to take a moment and mention a special lady that makes doing business with Andersons a great experience. Her name is Barbara Riley. Talking to Barbara on the phone is delightful. She is always cheerful and full of interesting stories to tell. She made it possible for me to reach a goal that most of us rarely have a chance to achieve. Barbara….Thank you for the opportunity. I will always be grateful!

My account was easy to set up. The agents were helpfull and professional.

I have dealt with your staff several times via telephone, and they are always extremely friendly and of the utmost help in answering all inquiries and assuring my satisfaction in my insurance needs. I have one request: Can I receive a cpy of my recent policy renewal in writing and send to me via regular mail? Thank you.

with all the harps and harpists in the family its nice to know that Anderson insurance is covering our insurance needs.I especially like the ease of insuring newly acquired instruments,cordially J.R.

I had a terrible accident in May of 2011 with my concert grand harp. While moving it through an outdoor garden of uneven pavement for a big performance, a large hanging lantern came loose from above and began falling towards my harp like a rocket. I reached up to stop the lantern from crashing into me, but then my $20,000 harp tipped over. It first hit the jagged rocks and dented the crown, and then slammed down on the neck leaving a crack. Although I was very upset, I went on with two performances that day. Upon my arrival at home, I made my claim with the Anderson Group, and they couldn’t have been more helpful. They immediately got my claim started and helped make arrangements for my harp to be shipped to Chicago for repairs. They made it all so easy, and the financial details were all taken care of. I have been insured with the Anderson Group for over 10 years, and this was my first claim. When my harp came back, it was in it’s original condition and still plays beautifully. I was very happy with the service I received, and would recommend all musicians consider Anderson for their instrument insurance needs.

Prompt, clear requirements to renew insurance for harp. Personal service. Like the fact when I call, I get a REAL PERSON.

Excellent communication and service. I recommend!

I appreciate knowing that my harp is protected. You make it easier by notifying me when it is time to renew. This is a big deal to me since it is easy to become distracted in this busy world.

Enrolling with The Anderson Group is the best decision one can make, as an owner of musical instruments. The great coverage at reasonable rates has provided me with peace of mind!

I haven’t ever filed a claim, but your rate is good and the payments are easy to make. The several times I have e-mailed with inquiries I received an informative and punctual response. I have recommended your business to colleagues.

I want you to know how much I appreciate the professionalism with which you conduct business. Working with Rebecca and Barbara has been a great experience in the face of a stressful situation when our harp needed repair. Rebecca and Barbara were a pleasure to work with from writing our first policy to handling our unfortunate need to place a claim. It is a pleasure to interact with such kind, courteous and professional people. The Anderson Group stands out as an extraordinary, well run company.

My one suggestion would be for them to pressure more on the renewing. I think my coverage might have expired but I’m not sure I even got an email about it….

So far I have not needed to use my insurance (and hope I never will) but I have always felt that if I needed anything, Anderson group would be there for me!

Several years ago my harp fell when unloading resulting in a crack in the neck. It turned out that the whole neck would need replacing at the manufacturer, Lyon & Healy in Chicago, and so would need to be shipped from Oregon to Chicago. I was extremely anxious about the insurance covering all of this but didn’t need to be. I could not have had a better experience with the folks at Anderson. They explained everything to me, paid my claims efficiently, and even helped me with who to ship with since I had never done this. I could not have been happier and have my wonderful harp back!

I looked at a lot of companies before I settled on yours. I have been a customer for a number of years, and I have been very pleased with your service.

I’m a Canadian and the customer service was smoothly executed. Everyone I came into contact with from Anderson was prompt and helpful when I signed up for insurance.

Love the new slogan: “Insurance in HARMONY with your needs.”

After Shopping my music insurance needs, Anderson blew the others away with their great service and pricing, the best I found anywhere. They have my best recomendation.

Getting insurance through Anderson is effortless, and their rates are highly affordable. I feel relaxed knowing my prized possesions (my harps) are fully insured wherever I take them! Great job Anderson.

I am a cellist and therapeutic harpist. One day when I was teaching a cello student, I lost my balance as I stood up and as I caught myself, I broke the bow tip of my beloved Hill Cello Bow that I had since I was 17 for used for over 4 decades. I was distraught with the loss. But Anderson Group Insurance and their team of specialists helped me to process my insurance claim in the most healing and helpful way possible. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who wishes professional top notch care.

Good customer service. Carol answered all of my questions about what the policy covered. Simple sign-up process.

Both Barbara and Rebecca are tremendous assets for The Anderson Group. When I inquired about instrument insurance one year ago, I had the pleasure of talking to both of them. Each are professional, helpful, and a joy to deal with. Since insuring with Anderson, I have added and deleted a couple of guitars to my policy. They are ALWAYS a pleasure and it’s like calling and speaking to old friends, not business associates. Customer service is a huge part of doing business for me. Barbara and Rebecca are big reasons why I opted to insure with you.

I am so glad I switched over to Anderson Group for my harp insurance. I feel safe knowing my instruments are covered by knowledgeable and friendly people. Every interaction with the Anderson Group is easy and comfortable. As a professional harpist with more than five instruments to keep safe, I know I am in the right hands with Anderson Group. Thanks!

Your service department folks are the best! It took me a little bit of time to get all my paperwork in order having acquired a new instrument or 2 and Julie was extremely patient in explaing just what was needed. I am very confident that this same personllized attention to detail will be in evidence should I ever need to submit a claim. I’m very glad to have a comprehensive and affordable instrument insurance like this. Thank you!

It’s so nice to work with your knowledgeable and efficient people. I contacted Barbara Riley (being referred by the former owner of a classic Italian violin that I purchased) and Barbara was outstanding!! She knew the instrument well and helped me to secure a new policy to cover all of my various violins, bows and sundries that was equal to or better in coverage–at the same time costing me less than my renewal quote from another company. With her experience and information from other client, I learned of violin purchase opportunity that I am currently pursing. Can’t say enough good things about my experience…and I’m pretty particular. Oh, and Riley’s slight British accent is a charming plus! Great! Thanks for frequent contacts! Friendly service!
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