Acoustic Guitar Insurance

From a Martin D-45, to a José Ramírez 4E, or a Vega Pete Seeger Banjo to a Gibson F-4 Mandolin, we cover it all- if you can play it, we can most likely insure it!

Anderson Group International has specialized in insuring acoustic and electric guitar players, luthier, collectors, freelance musicians, and major symphony orchestras with “all risk” coverage throughout the world since 1990. Anderson Group delivers the kind of service that musicians deserve.

Electronic Equipment and Software may be added at a cost of $.65/$100 of insured value. Software includes audio, VST, VSTi plugins and synch licenses using virtual or hardware dongles. This charge is in addition to the total premium for your musical instrument schedule and accessories.

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Coverage Highlights

  • Rates as low as $5.25 USD per $1,000 of insured value
  • Discounts available for schedules > $250,000
  • Deductible as low as $250 USD.
  • Our minimum premium as low as $150 covers about $24,000 of “agreed value” coverage for your itemized instruments and equipment.
  • $1,000 USD for scheduled electronic accessories included so you can get coverage for your cases and other equipment!
  • Rental reimbursement coverage available
  • “All Risk”, Agreed Value Coverage provided worldwide
  • Earthquake, flood and shipping coverage included
  • Dealer and collector programs available

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